Thank you!

Thank you for choosing QES!

We are extremely lucky to have supportive parents and we know that our partnership with you is crucial to your child having a successful and happy time here.

So thank you in anticipation of a long and warm relationship as we help your child thrive over these coming years.

Headteacher’s Welcome – Cathy O’Neill

Welcome to QES!  Whether you are already a familiar face as a parent or guardian or just beginning your journey with us, I’m delighted to welcome you to our community at this special time in your child’s life.

We know that joining secondary school can feel pretty daunting, but believe me, very shortly Year 7 will be well ensconced in their forms and lessons, they will have made friends, and they will be getting used to our Values, our systems of support and the vibrancy and excitement of their school.

The Year 7 team will help children settle and you can expect the older pupils to be examples and to look out for them as they make their way around.

Settling into the routines of the day, from timetables to buses, café choices to lunch time clubs will be worked through carefully with tutors as we help all children get all they can from school.  You will also be invited in to our Induction mornings in September to help the transition run as smoothly as possible.

Whether your child stays in QES through to Year 13, or joins the QEStudio in Year 10, the future routes available to them are varied and exciting; it is a wonderful time to join us.  However, whilst it is understandable to look to the future, we want every child to enjoy their journey, to stay being a child as long as possible, to stay safe and, importantly, to have fun!

We feel confident we can provide the right environment for your child to do this, and to flourish in their learning, both in and outside the classroom, with your important help and support.

We know that children enjoy learning and gain in confidence when we get this partnership right.  Of course we may well make mistakes, or we might disagree on occasions about the right processes, but we hope that parents and guardians appreciate that we share the same aims – aims that go back over 400 years, as we provide ‘Scholarship and Care’, enabling young people to grow and learn in our very special Values led community.

Goodness knows what that first cohort of Queen Elizabeth School students would have made of our 21st Century take on this, but I hope they would like the energy and warmth communicated though our new Twitter accounts, such as our Starting feed or our main school feeds! These are just some of the ways we are trying to broaden our means of communicating with you.

Equally whilst there will be many opportunities during the years to come in to school and discuss your child’s progress, we ask that you don’t wait until these times to raise any concerns about your child’s welfare.  A positive and cordial dialogue is so important in helping children through the potentially turbulent seas of adolescence!

Thanks again for choosing QES and thank you in anticipation of your support which is never taken for granted but much appreciated.

I look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes.

Cathy O’Neill