For a start, we’d just like to say how pleased we are that you picked QES as your new school!

We are really looking forward to meeting you and helping you settle in and become happy here.

A Special Message from Mr Reid!

I can still remember my first day at QES. It was ten years ago, I had just moved back to the North from London and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be teaching in a school where people held doors open for each other and the view from each classroom window contained some sort of reminder that we live in a truly beautiful part of the country.

Ten years later, I count myself very lucky to have the kind job where, as well as teaching a subject that I love, I can venture out into our beautiful countryside every Spring and meet the next generation of QES students. You should count yourself lucky too; you have lived and learned in one of the most picturesque parts of England. You are also about to join a very special community.

As well as being a member of QES, you will also be a member of Year 7; it is an exciting time for so many reasons. What makes it unique out of all the other years though is the fact that you are coming from such a wide range of different backgrounds and experiences. What makes the Year 7 community so special is you. During your first few weeks, you will need to get to grips with our routines and expectations but also think about what unique contribution you will make to the life of the school – just like every QES scholar for the last 427 years.

I am so pleased that you and your family have chosen to join our community and I look forward to seeing you.

Mr Reid

Head of Year 7